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    171=Look what they've done to my (USA) song ma


    by Mikeoverson

    I re-wrote this description due to Viddler deleting all my classes (63 of them) by 3-11-14.

    This class 171 is explained better at because I have a different reason for posting it at Viddler. It's because Viddler is at Bethlehem PA and due to the clips of the movie 1776 at Philadelphia, PA. In this 171 it seemed to me like the Founding Fathers through the Greatest Generation were praying to God "Look what they've done to my song ma", (because the USA has let evil women take over). I made this music video of it and uploaded it when I realized it was a sign to all the USA. The ^thumbnail^ (@ Vimeo) has this label at the bottom: Shake and Bake (CHICKENS!), to explain that part of the song but it also refers to this last line of The Star Spangled Banner: THE HOME OF THE BRAVE and the (CHICKENS!) label explains ^ LOOK ^ WHAT ^ THEY'VE ^ DONE ^ TO ^ MY ^ SONG ^ MA.

    I got more specific about this problem as it applies to me and my videos at Viddler at L123:
    @ 1:01 is a list of the illegal harassment of my classes.
    @ 1:31 is my proof of the media's lying divine signs about 9-11-01 and 12-7-41.

    This "list of the illegal harassment of my classes" hit a new low by Viddler deleting my 63 videos by 3-11-14. Ever since the "Powers that be" deleted my classes from Veoh,, Multiply, Sevenload, HelpfullVideo and VideoSharing then only Viddler had the most of my classes. I think the reason they wanted to get rid of them was due to this link ( at Vimeo:
    This is a list of my patriotic classes because they go together at Vimeo and

    The point is the “powers that be” are less than bugs to founding fathers like Ben Franklin and John Adams, (who I'm pretty sure are why this 171 came out so good), and are microscopic nothings compared to the power of God and yet Viddler took these bugs side against God because it's so fashionable to be evil on earth, (but not in heaven). I'm glad I EX-posed this evil bias because it's what this 171 is all about.