GALA - Lose Yourself In Me (Official music video Clip)

Gala Rizzatto

by Gala Rizzatto

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in this video all fine energy, colors, movements, emotions, music...
By Julia Ovchinnikova 3 years ago
This song makes me so very happy for a number of reasons. The video is visually hypnotic & the song is just great to dance to. Gala moves like an instrument of her art rather than an ornament. This authenticity is as stunning in its powerful grace & energy as it is refreshingly revolutionary for its time. For these reasons and others I hope Gala continues to create, perform and share her art with the world for a very long time. This artist is strong, beautiful, and creative in such an authentically powerful and expressive way. Gala's energy is contagious & empowering (girl power!) ----I look forward to seeing more of her work.
By undecidedatthemoment 3 years ago