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    Otargos - "Worship Industrialized" Season Of Mist Records


    by BlankTV

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    Director: Federico Anastasi

    "Ask the Elders and they will tell you. The one thing they haven't forgotten.
    The Total War that ravaged mankind was a war of religions.
    Since then, religions were banned, and the last followers
    thrown in the Rivers of Fire that plowed the Grey Land.

    But soon, as the Rivers cooled down,
    and the sons of the mutants become fertile,
    a new cult rose among survivors.

    Some say it was based on memories of
    what was most valued in the Times of Plenty.
    Stock Market... Currencies... Brands...
    The meaning of these words is now lost.

    Some say these new Gods are the most powerful ever worshipped,
    and that they truly ruled the world since the beginning of time.
    If so, they were also the cruelest, as they lead mankind to Destruction.

    Others think that the now highly venerated Gifts of the Gods,
    are nothing more than the everlasting rubbish
    produced in the Times of Plenty.

    But none of these thoughts can shake their faith -
    the Priests of the new cult keep wandering the desert
    drinking the black blood of the earth that flows from the battered soil.

    In their blind devotion, they've lost their last features of humanity,
    but behind their ritual Masks, the germ of freedom is still living,
    and the chains that fetter their minds can still be broken."

    At the end of 2011 OTARGOS is proud to offer you a new video clip: "WORSHIP INDUSTRIALIZED".
    Once again, we asked the director Fédérico Anastasi to work with us. We asked him to direct it cause we knew his talent and avantgardist artistic approach could perfectly illustrate the modern dimension of OTARGOS' music. We trusted his skills in original image capture, his talented screenplay ideas and the way he could lead the general visual concept .
    With WORSHIP INDUSTRIALIZED we really wanted to get out of all clichés, out of usual atmospheres and shades in order to obtain a result that is faithful to the modern spirit and style of OTARGOS. We wished for something really personal.
    The purpose was to obtain a unique violent, barbaric but also desolate atmosphere. The set is a post-apocalyptic burnt landscape in which evolves a mutated civilization that worship absurd myths from the past. This past is actually nothing more than our present.
    To reach this visual goal, we shot almost all the scenes in natural light.
    The epileptic picture effect is not the fruit of postproduction work, but the result of a simultaneous multicam capture, a genuine recording process designed by the director. It's interesting enough to be notified.
    With this video clip OTARGOS wishes to spread its contemporary image beyond the live performances and impose its "Dark Extreme Metal" style.
    It also represents the opportunity for us to get loose from the fundamentalist black metal scene with which we feel no affinity anymore.
    We closed a 10-year chapter with the last release, this video masterpiece is just the beginning of a new era for OTARGOS, the next album is being prepared and it announces a time of change.

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