Of Orcs and Men - E3 2012: Gameplay-Trailer | FULL-HD

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E3 2012: Engaged in a suicide mission, the Orc and Goblin hit the depths of to stop humans from annihilating green-skins in Of Orcs and Men.
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The Orc and Goblin plunge into battle in this bone-crushing video! Thrown into a suicide mission aimed at putting an end to the decades-long war, our two heroes face opponents who are as merciless as they are numerous and meet potential allies who might be less than trustworthy. See the action, and more on the varied and detailed characters and environments, in the official E3 trailer of Of Orcs and Men!

Of Orcs and Men is scheduled for a September 2012 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Of Orcs and Men first puts you into the role of an elite Orc soldier from the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, a league of warriors deeply involved in the war opposing the Orcs and Goblins on one side to their persecutors, Humankind. As a veteran warrior who has seen the most brutal of battles, you are appointed by the Orc commander to complete a mission that could change the course of the war: kill the one man responsible for all of this bloodshed, the one who has, for years, exhorted the human masses to loath and fight the green-skinned people: the Emperor himself. A Goblin will soon join you to aid you in your mission... he is everything the Orc is not.

Of Orcs and Men
+ US: September 2012
+ EU: September 2012
PLATFORM: Xbox 360
WEBSITE: http://www.oforcsandmen.com/
AVAILABLE @ AMAZON: Coming soon.

PUBLISHER: Focus Home Interactive
ESRB: RP for Rating Pending

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