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    Chinese Girl Hit by 2 Trucks - A Different Perspective


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    Link to Video *WARNING GRAPHIC* :

    People are missing my point....or perhaps I didn't make it clearly enough...I'm not saying that the people in the video are "right". I'm just saying they are the same as the majority of people in that country. So it seems odd that you have a billion people with the same culture (or attitude) .....and then you point out 20 of them and blame them for being the same as the other billion.

    You think that China's 20 worst people just happened to be around that girl that day? Of course's the norm. It's disgusting...but it's the norm.

    Singling out 20 or so Chinese out of 1.5 billion and attacking them for not "caring" is kinda like going to hell and singling out 20 demons out of 1.5 billion and then attacking them for having horns.

    I'm not saying we shouldn't fault the people in the video.....I'm actually saying we should fault them.....and all the rest of the people in China along with them. Because they're all equally as guilty.

    And with regards to the question "What if it were your son?" My answer is if I let my son wander out onto a road without any supervision and get run over........I honestly don't think I'd give a fuck what happened to the driver that hit him. Because I'd be too overrun with self hate and loathing for being the cause of my own son's death.