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    Best Western Goes High Tech Clean


    by MultiVu


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    Hi, I'm unsure who has advised you on the germicidal UVC destruction of pathogens but I can assure you that the methodology that you are using in this DVD will not be killing any bacteria or human pathogens. The 'toy' that you are using produces very little UV energy. Each micro organism has a TUVD 'Total UV Destruction'. The bulb you are using in this DVD only produces approximately 800μWsec/cm2. The pathogens that you are trying to target on the surfaces shown on this dvd would require between 6000-25,000μWsec/cm2. The methodology you need to deploy would result in the 'hand held wand' staying in the same position above the targeted area for at least 30+ seconds and would require hours of time to 'sanitise' all of the objects in the room. For a fuller understanding of Germicidal UVC I can be contacted on
    By germicidalUVC4 years ago