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    First Choice Medical Group: Rotator Cuff Injuries - Merritt Island Florida


    by FirstChoiceMG

    First Choice Medical Group
    709 S. Harbor City Blvd.,
    Melbourne, Florida

    This medical minute is brought to you by First Choice Medical Group, featuring Dr. Anthony Lombardo, orthopedic surgeon with First Choice.

    Today's topic is rotator cuff injury. When you do have pain or symptoms of pain around the shoulder it's to address the weakness that may be occurring from rotator cuff problems. Rotator cuff problems could occur from wear and tear on your joint from after a sporting injury or just wear and tear as we get older. If it is found to be injured and we find that there is a rotator cuff problem, we can focus our efforts and treatment of shoulder injuries by proper diagnosis. MRI scans and x-rays are used to help supplement and identify the problem with the rotator cuff so that we can treat those, and if those are treated properly, you should recover function and be pain-free from your rotator cuff injury.