Another Interview with God


by 180Movie


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Or there is another choice you left out - you can use your skeptical and inquisitive brain to realize that it's all a myth. it's arrogant to believe without evidence that your god is the right one. You can ask yourself, why would you love, follow and dedicate your life to a god who threatens you with eternal fire if you don't? Sounds illogical to me. In reality, what religion you follow has everything to do with where you were born than anything else. If you were born in India, you'd be Hindu. If you were born in Israel, you'd be a Jew or perhaps Muslim. All of those religions truly believe they have it right. Besides, the story of Jesus is not really a sacrifice....if you truly give something away, you don't get it back. According to the story, he was only dead for a matter of days and went back home.....that's not a was a loan.
By James Sue 2 years ago