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I REPEAT: This is NOT a joke.
If you pass this up,
I wouldn't blame you for
kicking yourself later.

Imagine what it would be like to have actually found the real deal on a FREE PS3!

Take a look at this video of Rainbow Six: Vegas,
a game that you could be playing!

Then go here:

Thank me later.
I insist.


No it is for FREE weather u get an xbox or ps3 or ipod. look at my u tube page it breaks it down.

But i assure you i am a college student, with no money to gain from potential spam, its not like that, you sign up for a free trail of your choice i chose of pg 4 of offers, registered, got credit, and cancelled my account. Easy as pie, i promise hes not bluffing
By trumpkardz777 7 years ago
Not free. As always you need to complete offers that require you to pay X amount of money.
Bullshit as always.
By Sheeprider 8 years ago