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    Laura Nyro - Poverty Train


    by DwightFrye

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    “It looks good and dirty on shiny light strip… and if you don’t get beat, you got yourself a trip….”
    By bobcarp237 years ago
    Yep! Laura was one in a million. Italian & Jewish from NYC. She inspired many future performers. Joni Mitchell for one but she doesn't have this soul. Many groups recorded her music. Her official website is: They are preparing a film about her. Check it out. Laura we'll all see you at the river's end.
    By Shoosz7 years ago
    This is fantastic! What a voice! Seeing her sing live like this is a dream come true after years of listening to her albums and being intrigued by her. She was so original and absolutely unique. No one sounds like this even now. She was beyond talented in my opinion. She had something other-wordly you cannot define or attempt to describe. You just watch and hear and wonder where she came from! Thank you for posting.
    By Silverwren7 years ago
    great video...wish there were more of her
    By pia2splace7 years ago
    This was the concert that apparently upset Laura Nyro as she thought she was being booed.
    You can hear the cries of 'beautiful'!
    Did she mishear? She was always not of her time tho' - still sounds unusual and different even today. All the rest of the acts sound so dated now but this is timeless.
    By gringopig7 years ago
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