Yahweh on ABC.TV.HIV-AIDS.CURE.The true edit. The edit Brian doesn't want u to see.

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Protocol 14 found in the Protocols of Zion. The World Order prevents in all things the "man" who is the most royal man alive admiting Christ has come again born in Australia January 11th 1944. He is the most royal man alive, identified by the numbers found in the Great Pyramid. Jesus was not a Jew as thought, he was the king of Judah.
What would you expect he would do if born as a baby with no welcoming family, he would cure the diseases of the planet. But the likes of Youtube stop him uploading, deleted 4000 since December 20th 2006. In this video he is being put down by trolls for curing people in New Guine of AIDS Malaria TB VD and Cancer of all types. The reality the clinic in New Guinea will verify it Port Moresby 629 71717
Google search Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall youtube

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