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    How Did San Francisco Get Its Name?

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    by Geo Beats

    How Did San Francisco Get Its Name? - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

    Ever wonder how did one of the world's greatest and most beautiful cities got its name?

    Spanish missionaries named the San Francisco Bay for Saint Francis Assisi in 1776. Located on the San Francisco Bay, the Mexican settlement of Yerba Buena was eventually claimed by the United States and renamed Francisca, before being officially ordained as San Francisco on January 30, 1847 in a rogue decision by the appointed Magistrate Washington Bartlett.
    In the following two years, the population of San Francisco would go from one thousand to 25 thousand with the explosion of the California gold rush peaking in 1849.

    Just don’t refer to San Francisco as Frisco. There is a local disdain for people who call their city Frisco, stemming from a San Francisco Chronicle columnist who even went so far as to publish a book in 1953 called “Don’t Call it Frisco.” Some locals might get offended, but Frisco is becoming more and more of a common parlance.
    San Francisco’s Bay Area is famous for their development of slang terms particularly in hip hop culture, where the Bay is known as the Yay Area and San Francisco is referred to as the SFC, or Sucka Free City.