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    Valkyria Chronicles 3 - Chapter 19 [Part 03] [Mission/Story]


    by OngoingChronicles

    Valkyria Chronicles 3
    Nineteenth Chapter:
    The Final Battle at Randgriz
    October 1935
    Mission: "Showdown with the Dark Villainess"
    Objective: Defeat Lydia
    Difficulty: ★★★★

    Grab a blanket and get comfy because this is a really looong battle versus Lydia. There's everything needed for a party in this mission: gatling knights, huge tanks and towers. Don't forget to tag the corpses of the enemies defeated so you can eat their hearts and gain their courage, also Lydia loves to revive them if you just ignore them.

    So, Lydia is the first Calamity Raven member defeated. Now the 422's are close to Randgriz for the final battle which I hope will be hard.

    Man, I didn't want Lydia to die. She was a nice character and loved her shark teeth.