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    Stevie Smith - La Gretchen De Nos Jours (1) - Glenda Jackson


    by poetictouch

    Glenda Jackson performs Stevie Smith's La Gretchen De Nos Jours (1) in a scene from the 1978 film Stevie.

    La Gretchen De Nos Jours (1)
    by Stevie Smith (1902-1971)

    Would he might come
    Again and I
    Upon his breast
    Again might lie.

    Would I had not
    In foolish wrath
    Driven him ever
    From my path.

    Would that the sun,
    His day's course over,
    Might that same day's
    Lost dawn recover.

    As vain as this
    Vain prayer are all
    Vain prayers that would
    Past days recall.

    Never shall sun
    Now sunk away
    Rise up again
    On yesterday.

    Never shall love
    Untimely slain
    Rise from the grave
    And live again.