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    Art by Numbers - "The Man in the Box" A BlankTV World Premiere!


    by BlankTV

    Art by Numbers - "The Man in the Box"

    "Blissful Ignorance, such a shame that we can't enjoy
    Tune our minds back in to the stream, and together we'll flow

    "Pardon me my dear, you are mistaken
    There is nothing here to find a claim with
    Please file to the back
    You're interrupting
    Smooth transition helps to hide disruption

    There's a vacancy unknown, only those who fill the void return intact, I'm told
    Such a mystery to those who haven't
    Oh no, tell me, what am I supposed to do as everything in front of me unfolds
    Calm but concerning, search these worlds, so preoccupied.

    When you find yourself shaking,
    It's just the medication that's withdrawn from haunting you

    It's no concern of ours, just know we're saving the best part
    Remind yourself that you're expendable
    A perfect symmetry that lies beyond comprehension
    Don't be so bold to call out towards the sky
    Did you ask yourself why?

    So proud to reveal deception but so unprepared to find what lies beneath
    Now you're bound by restless fear, uncovered all the pieces that provided shelter
    Understand there is no turning back this time
    Because you've gone too far, you've gone too far,
    Understand this is not negotiable
    I fear you've gone too far, you've gone too far this time."

    Art by Numbers Orchestrates the Release of 'The Man in the Box'!

    "Art by Numbers introduces a sound of natural, raw expression and emotion while still pushing their musical abilities to the limit. In order to do so, they recently hit the road across the country to record with reknowned producer, Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, The Human Abstract).
    In this debut ensemble of high energy tracks, Art by Numbers creates a unique blend of eclectic, melodic and blistering musical work to go along with the catchy yet thought provoking vocals of front man, Anthony James. All the while, the compositions still feature heavy orchestration, using each instrument in a multitude of ways while covering great amounts of technical ability. Never trying to strain the listeners attention span, the album packs massive amounts of musical content into short tracks that seem to serve as "three minute statements."
    Guitarists, Victor Corral and Dustin Georgeson were able to receive more than just influence when they traveled to L.A. to study under the tutelage of critically acclaimed guitarist, A.J. Minette (The Human Abstract). "A.J. really molded what we've been able to become not only as guitarists, but as musicians from a creative aspect," said Georgeson. "It then became our job to take that foundation and build it into something of our own that we could be proud of". From jazz to classical, the album covers a wide spectrum of musical styles while still incorporating the intensity that has become such a huge part of the new movement of the progressive mindset."

    Directed by Daniel Karp

    Website: - coming soon