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    "Polarobeye " par -contest Tim Burton

    olivier poinsignon

    par olivier poinsignon

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    Animation technique : One single take of one hour. This is a tribute to Tim Burton and it signs my 1st try in the world of animation.
    As opposition to his “Stop Motion” work, I did mine in “Speed Motion”.
    Note: Every drawing is handmade.
    Goal: My aim was to create a temporal paradox; where two distincts parts with their own respective time scale are put alltogether to create a unique world, unbound by the notion of time flowing that we know. To do so, some animations were made prior to the recording, while some drawings were still to be done. I tried to keep in mind that only time allows us to create our own way of watching and re-transcribing the world out there.
    Synopsis: A cartoonist is drawing while a small boy is bringing a rather strange package!
    Thanks: L.JARLIER for her indefectible support and her precious hands (you recognized her in the animation), J.FULLRINGER, for his knowledge and the materiel he lend me, M.COLIN, for being so awesome , J.Pradier and my friend Edouardo.