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    Golden State - "World On Fire" State Champ Records


    by BlankTV

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    Official music video for Golden State's single 'World On Fire'.
    Fast Fact: The video features Alex Jones' photo as the face of a revolution behind the band as they call the world to action.

    From the band that brought you 'Bombs' (End This War/The Ron Paul Song) "...'World On Fire' is, according to James, "almost Biblical... there's a stained glass window that is part of the Fabian socialist society. It depicts two men with hammers over their heads ready to swing down at this globe, this round ball that just came out of the furnace, this world on fire and they're going to shape it the way they want to shape it. When the world's on fire, will we be able to believe in each other?"

    Hey, when the world's on fire
    I believe in you
    Hey, when the world's on fire
    I believe in you

    Hey, when the world's on fire
    I believe in you
    We can't just disappear,
    Disappear without a trace
    And when the fire burns out
    And there's me and you,
    We're getting closer now,
    Closer than you'd believe,
    But the truth is still out of reach

    Hey when the world's on fire
    And it's me and you
    Seems like a different faith
    A world that seems out of place

    When his arms reach out
    and embrace you
    Don't feel like a prisoner
    A prison without a cage
    You're the only thing I can take

    It's a long way down from here

    When the world's on fire
    What can we do?
    I can't surrender now,
    But surrender falls out of grace

    And when you see this boy with the golden rule,
    Don't let him disappear, disappear without a trace
    Like a man who's lost at sea
    It's a long way down from here
    A million miles are closer than you think

    Hey, when the world's on fire
    I believe in you . . .

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