Les Miserables (Mara Mattuschka) Trailer


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The cheerful cartoon characters Mimi and Max gaze in amazement at another girl and at each other and muse about the lack of meaning in life. Mara Mattuschka does all the character voices herself and weaves both a children's song and the hit "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" into her 2-minute short film.

"In LES MISERABLES, Mattuschka works exclusively with animation. The cheerful cartoon characters Mimi and Max have a bit of a childlike-bisexuality to them, even when the subject seems to be simultaneously about desiring and separating from the opposite sex. [...] The children's song "Eyes and ears are easily lost..." or the fight about which is better: to be blind or deaf, refer on a meta-level to the movie-goer's basic perceptive organs, as well as the author's, who obviously is the creative force behind the characters in the film." --Christa Blüminger

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