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    Pregnancy Massage in the UK with Suzanne Yates (60 Minutes)


    by MassageNerd

    http://www.WellMother.orghttp://massagenerd.tv Sponsor: Body-worker and Birth Educator,
    BA(Hons), PGCE(PCET), MRSS(T), DipHSEC, DipAPNT, CNHC registered, AOBTA®(Honorary)

    Suzanne Yates continues to work with individual clients, primarily from her clinic in Bristol. She offers shiatsu, massage and individual exercises sessions and works with clients at all stages especially: from pre conception, through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period with both partners and their baby. She also works with clients,at all stages of their lives.

    When she is teaching abroad, clinic days can sometimes be arranged. If you have special requests for individual work, please don't hestitate to contact Suzanne to discuss your particular needs.

    Suzanne has been developing an holistic approach to maternity since 1989. Motivated by her first pregnancy, she began to deepen her professional shiatsu and massage work to specialise in maternity care. She established 'Well Mother' in 1990, teaching shiatsu, massage and exercise to women and their partners in Bristol, UK, to help them connect with the wisdom of their body.

    Following the success and demand for her work, in 1998 Suzanne set up courses for health professionals (midwives, shiatsu and massage therapists). She now teaches internationally, regularly visiting N America, Australasia and Europe. She has written numerous articles on the subject and has spoken at many international conferences ranging from midwifery conferences to shiatsu conventions. She has written three books: "Shiatsu for Midwives" published by Elsevier in 2003 has proved popular amongst therapists as well as midwives and has been translated into German, French and Italian. "Beautiful Birth" is aimed at parents (Carroll and Brown 2008) and "Pregnancy and childbirth; an holistic approach to massage and bodywork" is Suzanne's long awaited book for therapists which will be the text book for the courses. It will be published at the end of 2009 by Elsevier. In 2006 she set up a teacher training programme and currently has 12 teachers in training with her.

    She continues to work with mothers as well as professionals and this guides her to deepen her knowledge and expand her skill base. She works with women trying to conceive as well as women going through the menopause. Her passion lies with integrating eastern and western approaches to offer a complete health care system for women at all stages of their lives. She served on the National Health Service Maternity Services Liaison Committee from 1995-2000 and was involved with a practice audit on shiatsu for post-term pregnancy at her local maternity unit in Bristol, published 2005. She continues to learn from her students, the women she works with and through on-going study and research. She especially values the learning from parenting her two children Bram and Rosa, who were the original inspiration for her work.

    In addition to a degree in modern languages (French and Italian), she holds diplomas in shiatsu and therapeutic massage, a postgraduate certificate in teaching and has trained in antenatal and postpartum exercise with Elizabeth Noble (Boston, USA). She continues to deepen her shiatsu studies with Japanese masters in Europe.