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    Omni Massage Knuckle Baller - Product Review


    by MassageNerd

    178 views Used either individually or in various combinations,these small massage balls allow for either increased pressure on broad contact areas, such as the calf and thigh.
    The sure-grip handle provides a confident, no-slip gripping surface and many different ways to use the tool with comfort and easy handling. Click here for more detailed information on using the Knuckle Baller.
    Never use over boney structures, such as directly on the spinal column. Click here for more information on massage techniques.
    With long-lasting and durable construction, Omni Massage products can be used in the whirlpool or a soothing bathrub, as there are no internal parts to wear out or corrode.
    For professionals, Omni products can be used in place of fingers, hands and elbows.
    Omni products can be cleaned easily with soap and water in between clients.
    Available in green, blue, red, purple and black.
    Achieve deep pressure without overexertion.
    Can be used in place of fingers and hands.
    Durable construction.
    Color selection of your choice.