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    ወቅቶች - The Four Seasons (Amharic) - FHLETHIOPIA.COM

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    This video, part of a new DVD from FHL PRODUCTIONS (, teaches seasons in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. The four seasons in the order they are happening are መፀው (also known as ጥቢ or መከር) which is Spring, በጋ (also known as ሐጋይ) which is Summer፣ ጸደይ(በልግ) which is Fall/Autumn and ክረምት (Winter). Although, the times each season occur and the intensity of some of the seasons (particularly of winter) in Ethiopia differ from the seasons in Europe and North America, the events in each season are quite similar. In Ethiopia there are flowers, birds, clear skies and beautiful air during Spring, quite sunny, dry and hot Summer, short mildly rainy Autumn and heavily rainy, muddy and cold winter. There is no snow except intermittent hail in the Ethiopian winter and the temperature is almost always in the plus with few exceptions.