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    Call of Duty and Halo Teams Join for Next Industry Shattering Franchise? - Unscripted Access Episode #9


    by TheGamerAccess

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    Details on Activision's acquisition of Bungie evolve, more evidence of a first-person shooter from Sony Santa Monica emerges, Call of Duty Vita to possibly make its debut during E3 2012, and more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access.

    When news broke out that Bungie would be teaming up with Activision as a developer of a whole new video game franchise, gamers began salivating as speculation erupted. With two of the industry's most successful video game franchises of all time under each company, Halo and Call of Duty, the thought of both powerhouses joining forces justifies the excitement created. While no details were provided when this alliance was announced, recently details have emerged and us here at The Gamer Access provide our full-indepth look based on the information released and provide our opinions on what is planned.

    With E3 2012 just over a week away, there is no debating that Sony has a lot to prove this year with both their PlayStation 3 and Vita platforms. Sony's Santa Monica studios, the same team behind God of War, has released more job listings all but confirming their first-person shooter in the works. Understanding Sony Santa Monica's track record, chances are high that whatever they do decide to develop will offer an incredible experience, but concerns still remain. Listen as we explain the opportunity and what could possibly hold Sony back with this opportunity.

    There is much more covered this week on Unscripted Access, but we will leave it to your ears to find out the rest. As always we wrap up the show answering the various questions received last week from our dedicated audience who enjoyed Unscripted Access Episode #8. Unscripted Access commence!