Canon ES900 Review


by SebiStudios2



I sadly don't have a users manual for it. :(Also, thanks for the date/title info.
By SebiStudios2 3 years ago
I needed an old 8mm camcorder to use as a VCR to transfer the video from some tapes I recorded back in the early '90's. Two days ago I bought a Canon ES900 just like yours locally from a private seller for $20. The very same day that you posted this video. Kind of ironic considering it's a 15 year old camcorder. Oh, and mine was also manufactured in October 1996 (Serial #3611165). It works perfectly. Looks like yours does, too. You may have to put that 2025 battery back in to get the settings/titles to work. Do you have the Users Manual for it? I can't find a copy of it online anywhere. Canon's website doesn't even have it.
By formeat 3 years ago