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A tongue-in-cheek sexy animated mythological adventure set in medieval Scandinavia, A terrible monster dubbed simply “the beast”, brings terror and panic to Goldenskov and the elders are forced to offer up a maiden sacrifice every month to satisfy the Beast’s terrible hunger for human flesh. The great warrior woman Jolgier the great tries to destroy the beast, as does her companion in the sword Alfrigg the bloody, but both end up as roast dinners!. A young peasant girl called Birglmir has a visitation from the goddess Frejya, informing her she is the one destined to slay the beast, while feisty strong willed Raghild, a powerful nobleman's daughter is captured by the Beast for an illicit “snack”. Can these two young women, one a peasant the other a great noble, come together and destroy the fearsome Beast of Goldenskov once and for all, or will they also become barbecue?

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By Harold Seifert 2 years ago