2NE1 - "Make Thumb Noise" Project (Round 3)_Making Film

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VOTE NOW @ Make Thumb Noise : http://bit.ly/Jhsvk7
What's Up We 2NE1!
Make Thumb Noise의 3라운드가 시작되었습니다.
2라운드에서 선택된! 타이틀 "Be mine"과 가장 어울리는편곡 스타일에 Vote해주세요!

Ever wanted to be a producer? Here's your chance with Intel's Make Thumb Noise campaign with 2NE1 & Teddy!
Round 3 is here! Vote for the most sleek Arrangement Style for the "Be mine " (2nd round winner) of Make Thumb Noise inspired by Ultrabook.
You'll be offered total 4 round of voting and the final song will be released on Jun 5th @ Intel Korea facebook.