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    ||| - Love My Soul |||



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    Love for pain?
    Pain for love?
    You've given me everything
    I could have wanted; and also that which
    I wouldn't have dreamed I could ever desire so much
    You've answered me in your own way-
    Everything I've asked of you and more
    I never could have imagined how wonderful
    You would be, even in your darkest moments
    I've enjoyed with you things most people
    Only fantasize about, and things nobody could imagine
    I've had a special relationship with you
    From the first moment, so forgive me
    If, at the end of us,
    I ask for more time with you-
    And I know everyone does that;
    It's not that I'm greedy, it's just that
    The alternative to you is nothing I can imagine,
    Nothing compared to your beauty right now,
    O my world- everyone always wants more of you
    Even though you're the soul of everything.