Pin art animation (3D Blender 2.63)


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Tomwalks : Pseudo Youtude et Deviantart.
Image rendered with cycles here :
I had a recall of Nine Inch Nails - "Only" videoclip. I had to try that. All done in Blender. 2.63, internal render.
Basicaly, that's done with dupliverts :
- I used a plane, subdivided a lot, and Uv unwraped.
- Then modelled a pin and parented it to the plane. In the Object / duplication panel of the plane, I choosed "Verts".
- Now there are as much pin as vertices of the plane, and each pin is parented to a vertice.
- Now if you add a displace modifier to the plane, and choose a new texture, or a black and white image, choose UV as the mapping, the displace will draw the image in 3D, so the pins will follow this deformation.
-If you use a video instead of an image, works too.

Music Jimmy Hendrix - Fire.

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