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    Switch2Air (AEV) air electric hybrid car, aircar s


    by ABRAMDAVIS179

    The electric car on lithium batteries is for many people priceless . A battery loading network that will cost us billions dollars, long reloading times and expensive batteries that are technically depreciated in 5 years doesn't sound like a great solution. Yes, driving on electricity is the future, but can't we make it more convenient and cheaper?

    A hybrid seems the best solution for the time being, but when possible with a fuel that we can produce ourselves. The technique and advantages of an electric motor combined with the refuel characteristics such as LPG, so only few minutes at a refuel station would be a nice combination.

    GM makes the Volt, the car that is always electric powered, by the battery for urban traffic, and for long distances through the petrol-powered charger. But suppose you replaced the petrol charger trough a compressed air powered charger. And fill it up with compressed air that we make by solar panels on our house. How unlikely is that?

    We already are capable of using compressed air to create electricity. There are energy-efficient compressor systems on the market and cheap lightweight thin layer solar cell membranes. The solution is perhaps closer than we think.

    If we what to reduce the CO2 emissions from our cars as fast as possible, the alternative must be for many people affordable, and easy to refuel like we are used from a car on petrol. Otherwise it doesn't stand a chance.

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