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    Classic Game Room - STARHAWK review for PS3


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Starhawk review for PS3. Classic Game Room reviews STARHAWK on the PlayStation 3, a massive space western action shooter with 32 player online multiplayer matches! Starhawk is essentially the spiritual successor to Warhawk, a massive shooter with vehicles and airplanes where you create gun turrets, walls and sniper towers using "rift energy" gained while fighting. Starhawk sadly has no relation to the Cinematronics release for the Vectrex, but they share the same name which makes it immediately cool. Fortunately, it's cool anyway because Starhawk has solid gameplay, fun multiplayer and a campaign mode to teach you how to play the game. CGR Starhawk video review has Starhawk gameplay recorded from PlayStation 3 showing Starhawk PS3 game play in HD action. From Lightbox and Sony.