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    'Topless New York' women bare breasts for Kickstarter campaign (NSFW)

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    The women of Topless New York are campaigning for the right to bare breasts! Many people, including police, do not know it's completely legal for women to go topless in the streets of New York.

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    Though Americans are infatuated with breasts, they are not as accepting of their public display.

    In 1992 New York State's highest court struck a state law prohibiting women, but not men, from being topless in public as violating the state constitution's equal protection clause. Most New Yorkers, however, are unaware that it has been completely legal to be topless in a public place for 20 years.

    Topless New York aims to put out an exhibit, calendar and book to raise awareness and change public opinion on this issue. The women have created a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 for their campaign. As of press time only seven people have donated a total of only $182. The campaign still has 19 more days left, so hopefully the creators will be able gain a little more exposure.