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    Artful Touch Music with Art Lindemanis - Live Interview


    by MassageNerd

    http://www.ArtfulTouchMusic.comhttp://www.massagenerd.com About the music:
    • Therapeutic bodywork, both on land and in water, has been a direct influence on the intentions and rhythms of Artful Touch Music. These songs are made with tempos that are in time with a resting heartbeat and deep breathing, which are also associated with bodywork therapy, yoga and meditation practice. These original compositions maintain the intention to soothe and refresh the Body Mind Spirit, while making a lasting emotional impression on the listener's heart.

    • Artful Touch is highly effective for calming children, enhancing sleep, and providing a peaceful atmosphere at home and work. It is an antidote for the highly stressed, fast-paced environment many people live in. Artful Touch Music is currently playing in hospitals, health centers, massage therapy offices, yoga studios, pediatric wards, Reiki clinics, and animal shelters throughout the USA.

    • The versatility and extended listenability of Artful Touch Music makes it an ideal choice for massage, yoga practice, health spas, doctor's offices, classrooms, meditation and more. People who value consciously created, intuitively crafted art forms will appreciate Artful Touch, which is intimate, personal and mood-moving music.

    About the artist:
    • Since 1997, Art Lindemanis has been immersed in the practice of providing, learning and teaching massage therapy. During that time, he has been making original music to encourage peace, deep relaxation, and profound healing experiences. All of his CDs were recorded and produced in studios from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Santa Cruz, California to Washington County (Downeast) Maine. He currently lives and works in New York.

    From the artist:
    • "There are so many physical and emotional benefits to the world-wide practices of massage, yoga and meditation. The intention of Artful Touch Music is to give listeners these same benefits and to be a compliment for all kinds of healing arts. One of my goals is to create music that is beneficial for both the giver and receiver of therapeutic bodywork and holistic health care; music that can be heard for many hours and will maintain a pleasing and interesting melody while being calming and revitalizing. It is my honor and pleasure to make this music for the world to hear."