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    Creating Peace With Your Hands - Product Review


    by MassageNerd

    http://www.igetintouch.com Karina Braun has been in the massage therapy and bodywork field for 14 years. She has worked in all aspects of this career. Karina attended the University of North Texas for her undergraduate studies and then went to Hands on School of Massage in Garland, TX in 1997. She began her career by owning a small hair salon and spa in Texas. Later, Karina decided to study Reiki and began teaching others how to utilize Reiki in order to balance the energetic body of their client. She also received Yoga Instructor Certification in 2001 from Yogamotion. In 2002, Karina relocated to Las Vegas and taught at Dahan Institute of Massage Studies, then went on to work at a world renowned spa on the strip

    Karina has firsthand knowledge in many facets of this career, in addition to, experiencing a repetitive strain injury from doing barefoot deep compression massage. Feeling all the emotions that go along with being injured definitely gave her more empathy to help others in this field. Also, Karina has been through many aspects of the medical system and can assist other therapists in self-care and the healing of their injuries. The book Creating Peace with Your Hands is compiled from many hours of hands on practical knowledge and a great deal of research on injury and prevention. Karina is a massage educator in Nevada and resides in Las Vegas and practices reiki, craniosacral therapy, yamuna body rolling, and therapeutic massage. She enjoys writing educational material, hiking, and boating.

    Karina Braun trains Massage Therapists to maintain their body with self care and injury prevention techniques. The Braun Method offers massage therapists continuing education with online and classroom courses.

    The Braun Method
    The Braun Method of Personal Body Maintenance is a multi-faceted approach that includes techniques for proper body mechanics, warm-up, aftercare, and strengthening and stretching of the body so you can keep up with the demands of your career and stay healthy. Consistent maintenance of your body is absolutely necessary so you can increase your income and extend your career. This method will teach you how to have durability and, as a result, you will prosper in the massage therapy career that you love for many years to come.