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    Slick Driving


    by Raine

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    sounds like an audi
    By thejulez23 years ago
    These drivers are fucking amazing. "Oh my gawd, someone cudda died!" Yeah, but no one did, so you should seriously go fuck yourselves. These are the people that go flying past you while you're in the slow lane on your way to get your vagina waxed, whining pussies.
    By biggmac243 years ago
    Fuckin stupid. And to you people talking about "living on the edge" your as stupid as they are. You want to live "life live on the edge"(even though you have no clue what that really means im sure) by all means do, but dont drag innocent people into it w you. Imagine how many kids were in those cars that they could have murdered in the blink of an eye. Fuckin morons. Id love to smack the taste stupid out of some of your mouths.
    By dm_50086c5323b2a3 years ago
    Nothing wrong with driving fast, but this is stupid, not slick. These idiots are lucky they didn't hurt anyone, and if they'd passed me I'd be on the phone calling 911.
    By JeffDeWitt4 years ago
    So many haters who obviously have ZERO testosterone. I am hoping all you pansies crying about how fast they are driving .. ARE WOMEN! Otherwise, dont be such a pansy. Speed is great. These two obviously know how to live on the edge. You can continue being a chicken shit on the road. I will continue laughing at you.
    By BeavisAndButter4 years ago
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