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    How to Get Back Files from Seagate External Hard Drive - Wondershare Data Recovery


    by huangahong

    1 332 views Wondershare Data Recovery - Lost valuable data stored on Seagate hard drive? Stay calm! Follow this 3-step Seagate data recovery guide to retrieve your documents, videos, photos, etc
    I accidentally clean my Seagate external hard drive and deleted all my old back up files; I tried to restore it to get back files but it doesn't have any previous restore point.

    Backup all the data from laptop to portable Seagate Free Agent Go USB external drive. But on trying to restore data into laptop, it read 'the disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it?' how to get the portable drive to work again and regain all the data? Please help.

    As the biggest supplier of digital storage in the world, Seagate dedicates to make external hard drive with high quality and capacity for companies and ordinary people, and many people choose it.