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    Fashion Rio Presents the Latest Trends


    by NTDTelevision

    On Tuesday, the spring summer edition of Fashion Rio was held at Rio de Janeiro.

    The Oh, Boy! brand made their debut at the show. Oh, Boy! Designer Daniele Schewartz got her inspiration from traditional and modern aspects from Tokyo.

    [Daniele Schwartz, Designer of Oh, Boy!]:
    "When we thought about the oriental culture we decided to focus on Japan, Tokyo specially. But we cannot forget about the other cultures that come from the orient that are also very important. We decided to not talk only about the traditional part, we decided to bring a little of Tokyo's innovations to the runway."

    However, not everyone was satisfied. A group of models on the sidelines were protesting for more use of black models in the show.
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    [Ruth, Model and Protester]:
    "We are trying to make a statement, and that statement is that black is beautiful. And as you know there are so little opportunities for people of color."

    Fashion Rio will run until May 26.