Meditation - Akiwai - A Spirit Sculptor - As Channeled by Reno Bruce

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When Reno Bruce, a landscaping and tree contracting service provider, set forth, on the morning of Thursday the 16th day of November 1995, nothing could have prepared him for the immensity of the event that would occur. There was no warning. And yet, at that moment of impact, a special gift would reveal itself, to Reno, that would ultimately change his entire life.
However, those many thousands of people, who have had the honor of stepping into his path, would, in turn, receive a life-altering message; a message from Akiwai, channeled through the hands and eyes of Reno Bruce. His relationship to the trees had taken on a whole new experience.
A chance meeting with a gentleman, from Australia, would reveal, to Reno, information, that also served as a catalyst for change which resonated so deeply, there was no way of denying it.
An impactful moment, in time, has taken Reno Bruce 17 years to come to grips with.


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Meditation - Akiwai - A Spirit Sculptor - As Channele...