Occupy Graduation protests $1 trillion student loan debt

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Occupy Graduation is the latest permutation of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Students graduating with an average student loan debt of around $25,000 face bleak job prospects and are turning graduation ceremonies into student loan protests.

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American students have borrowed $1 trillion in student loans. This year's graduates are competing for jobs with last year's graduates, of whom fewer than half have found full-time employment.

But those in the class of 2012 who borrowed huge sums and to pay first-tier prices for a worthless fifth-tier liberal arts degree might be complaining too much. To be sure, a college degree is still the key to greater economic success — if you study the right degree. The economy was bad when the class of 2012 entered college. Not a good time to borrow tens of thousands of dollars unless it's to major in a subject that will get a job when you graduate.

Who do you blame for America's $1 trillion student loan debt debacle? The students? The schools? The bankers? We'd like to see your opinion in the comments below.