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    AnimalsTaiwan is an organization in Taiwan dedicated to improving the welfare of the animals in Taiwan. They are a NO KILL organization and do everything in their power to help every animal that passes through their doors. They have helped over 500 dogs/cats to date many of which were rescued from appalling conditions through Gin traps, car accidents and human abuse. Many dogs who couldn't stand when they arrived, now run around happily either on their own steam or with the help of wheelchairs. Animalstaiwan was mainly focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and re homing in the beginning but now is branching out to CNR (Catch Neuter Release), responsible pet ownership and education of the young in animal welfare. With the help of all the wonderful people both in Taiwan and afar, they can continue to help many more animals in need.

    Dog in the wheelchair is Ariel taking part in a school project to educate the kids on adopting animals
    Black dog who couldn't walk is Nio Nio
    dog hit in the head is Frankie.

    Norton was used in a training program with a trainer from Dr Dog and the trainer couldn't believe how quickly he learnt. He sat on comand and healed with ease.

    Foreigners who started out saving the occasional dog off the street have now moved on to running an officially recognized charity that attracts Taiwanese volunteers with its emphasis on improving animal welfare through education.

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