Jay-Z - Lost One (Exclusive)

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The Second Single/Video Off Kingdom Come

***World Premiere***


This a fucking Eargasm.........ahhhh, time to clean up, Wipe the shit off your brain, Nothing but Evian on Mine, Mind State, empire Like the giant who bake cake, just taste, its for me Hijas, La Quincerea, Yall Diareehea, Gonnareha, but Im way hotter, yall S.DotCoppers, im S Dot Popper, Not Like Cinderfella, Its Rocafella, Except now its a nation, Mastered the Bation, yall Just waiting and hating, the Saints erect and not moving, VIP line Closed, yall permenanent in ya close like A rasta that chose a perm, big worm, Where My money, No Icecream, No Prose, We Prose Like Jeter, Rod, and My Cheese, yall Pizza, We got pizzaz, Monkey ass,More than the red Jeans, We Genes, LikeUS, Yall Unified but broke LikeUSSR, Had to Romanticize Russia, Yall Didn't buy it, VLADI, I see Ya DADDY, U shorter In PERSON!!!!!!!
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
damn maybach sport...nice ride...
By phatpadli 5 years ago
se morceau me rend fou aie aie aie
By simsky 7 years ago
Il a vraiment un Maybach Exelero ce salopard ? :p
By Francois Bauch 7 years ago
tHiS iS nOt A dIsS JiGgA SaYs fUcK ThAt FAGGIT aSs GAME hEhE
By marysgazibo 8 years ago