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    CGRundertow TOM CLANCY'S GHOST RECON: FUTURE SOLDIER for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


    by CGRundertow

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier from Ubisoft for the PlayStation 3. Future Soldier is the latest in Ubisoft's popular Ghost Recon series. The game takes places in a crazy future where soldiers take out targets in places like Nigeria and Pakistan. Sounds pretty far-fetched to us. This game gives the Ghost Recon formula a refreshing twist by adding futuristic tools and weapons. Your team has optical camouflage, as well as drones, guns and freaking unlicensed nuclear accelerators. Don't believe the unlicensed nuclear accelerators. That's a lie. Nonetheless, Future Soldier takes the familiar Ghost Recon formula to heart, but it also makes some refinements that really push the game forward. This video review features video gameplay footage of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.

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