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    ProDrape Product Review


    by MassageNerd

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    ProDrape is Progress:

    • No More Traditional Diaper Drape

    • No More Pillow-Case Drape

    • Just Access and Massage

    • All-In-One Sheet

    • Continuous Massage Flow

    • Exposure Reduction

    • Time Reduction

    • Therapeutic Magnet Closures

    • Easy to Use

    • High Quality Textile Linen

    ProDrape is easy to use and tailored to the need of the Therapist and Client! With this patented design, the Therapists using ProDrape enjoys the new simplicity and ease of the draping process. With the purchase of ProDrape, you are letting your customers know, that their comfort and the quality of your massage service is first, by keeping up with the latest and cutting edge products the industry has to offer.

    ProDrape Solutions, Inc.

    1415 S Arville St. Ste B100

    Las Vegas, Nv 89102

    Local (702) 508-0725

    Toll Free: 1 800-991-0244

    Fax: 1 800-991-0238