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    How to Ride a Motorcycle for the Very First Time!


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    Alright, regarding the braking issue...a few people have said that you should learn to use both brakes from the beginning......and I agree. But just not the VERY beginning. Because the VERY FIRST time you use a bike it's confusing enough without two different brakes being thrown of which if pulled too hard can drop the bike on it's side in a flash. So the point of this video is to learn how to use the clutch....and while focusing on's best to just focus on that. And when moving at a very slow speed and coming to a complete should be braking rear 90% and front 10%. Which is the opposite of how you brake when traveling at speed.

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    "I'm about to turn 42 and bought a motorcycle a week ago. I always wanted to ride one but never did and figured my time for trying new things is running out.

    Until now, I have had zero luck getting my bike on the road. Time after time, I'd let out the clutch, lurch forward a foot and stall out. I haven't taken my motorcycle instruction class yet, but my experiences so far left me feeling too incompetent to ever drive the thing.

    I've talked to a number of my friends who have bikes, and none of them gave me any useful advice. Your video, however, let me get it going in first gear. I actually moved the bike without lurching and stalling.

    I just wanted to say thanks."

    And If you're learning to ride you'll need some gear: