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    Cartoons: A homage to Osvaldo Cavandoli and La Linea


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    CAVANDOLI!, from an idea by Hurrican Ivan, Piero Tonin and Emanuele Fossati, is a tribute to Osvaldo Cavandoli, father of La Linea. The story is fantastic journey in the Afterlife. The Comics Committee is in crisis: cartoons are not funny anymore! What happened? What terrible spell lingers over their ink souls? And above all, who will save them from their fate? Puck the Dwarf, Dirty Bastard and The Cow are sent to the Comics Paradise to seek advice from Osvaldo Cavandoli. Will the trio be able to come back from the Other Side and revive their careers? CAVANDOLI! is a comic-strip story drawn by 30 cartoonists, all of which are connected to the Maestro. From the cartoonists of Carosello (Bruno Bozzetto, Gino Gavioli, Carlo "Perogatt" Peroni), to Cavandoli's closest collaborators (Lucio Tomaz, storyboard artist, and Mauro Gariglio, animator), to his friends and colleagues, all teamed up for the first time to pay homage to one of the pioneers of Italian animation.