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    Old Beatles Photo Takes New Direction at Auction


    by NTDTelevision

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    A rare photograph offers a different picture of the Beatles from their 1969 Abbey Road album. It's expected to fetch over $31 thousand dollars at auction.

    A rare photograph showing the Beatles walking across the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing could fetch up to 31,500 USD, a London auction house said on Monday.

    This one is a collector's item with a difference: the version that was printed on the 1969 Abbey Road album shows the band walking from the photographer's left to right.

    In the version up for sale by Bloomsbury auctions John Lennon, wearing a white suit and shoes, leads the group from right to left.

    On the album, Paul McCartney is walking barefooted, but in this shot he is wearing chunky sandals.


    The fact McCartney was without any shoes or socks on the album cover prompted a string of bizarre conspiracy theories among some fans who believe that McCartney actually died in the sixties and had been replaced by a body double.

    They see the album cover as filled with hidden clues -- with McCartney's bare feet representing his difference from the rest of the band.

    McCartney has always claimed, however, that his bare feet were merely the result of him having kicked off his sandals as it was such a hot day and the new outtake photograph appears to confirm that.

    [Sarah Wheeler, Photography Expert, Bloomsbury Auctions]:
    "I think the main reason they didn't choose this shot as the final cover is because the Beatles are all walking out of step with one another."

    The auction house has put a conservative estimate of 11,300-14,500 US dollars on the photograph, though experts say it may go for much more than that.



    This print is one of 25 ever created and is being sold by a private collector from within the music industry.

    The auction is set for 13 hundred GMT on May 22nd.