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    Iran's Larijani urges western negotiators to enter talks with honesty


    by PressTV

    With only days to the inauguration of the ninth Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani as the speaker of the eighth Parliament, held his last press conference attended by domestic and foreign journalists.In his last press conference Ali Larijani elaborated on the performance of the eighth Parliament, saying one of the strong points of the eighth parliament was its sensitivity towards international developments and its clear-cut stances towards regional events like revolutions in the region. Larijani also warned Western countries, saying the time for negotiations with the West is coming to an end if they continue their rhetoric against the country. His comment came as the p5+1 group and Iran are scheduled to hold a new round of comprehensive talks in Baghdad on May 23. Elsewhere he noted that constructive talks can ensure regional security. At the end of the conference, Ali Larijani expressed hope that the ninth parliament would be strong enough to defend the rights of the Iranian nation. The ninth parliament is scheduled to officially begin its work on May 27.