Classic Game Room - WIZARD OF WOR for PSP / Arcade review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the arcade classic, WIZARD OF WOR for the Sony PSP. Wizard of Wor is from 1980 from Midway and is available today on Midway's Arcade Treasures Extended Play for PSP and Midway's Arcade Treasures Volume 2 for PS2. This CGRHD review of Wizard of Wor has gameplay footage from the arcade old school classic, Wizard of Wor (not to be confused with Wizard of War, which is the incorrect spelling of Wor). Play as a Worrior and defeat Worlucks and other Wor-themed beasts. Gameplay is similar to Berzerk but with some differences that set this game apart. Enjoy it on the with PSP or enjoy Wizard of Wor at home on Playstation 2, find the arcade original, buy the Atari 2600 version of Wizard of Wor, or Atari 800 or Commodore 64.... this game rocks! It's WOR-rysome that more people don't know about this fantastic video game from back in the day. Classic Game Room HD reviews Wizard of Wor because we WORock!