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    Classic Game Room - CLASS OF HEROES for PSP review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Classic Game Room HD reviews CLASS OF HEROES for PSP Playstation Portable! Class of Heroes is a dungeon crawling RPG for PSP where you choose from 10 different races like humans, drakes, ergeists and halflings. 15 different majors, 2 sexes and 3 alignments. This game is published by Atlus and they claim it has 80 hours of gameplay although CGRHD thinks it has more. 75 tunnels and dungeon maps avait as you build a party of adventurers with warriors, wizards, samurai, monks and rangers. Build hundreds of weapons and armor with a complex alchemy system using junk and material you find laying around the dungeons or win after battles. Whew! This is a big game and is less juvenile than the packaging would lead you to believe. Class of Heroes is a strategic and time consuming role playing game for fans of old school dungeon crawlers on PC and Japanese RPG games. Although the characters are cutesie anime the game doesn't feel overly childlish, in fact it's pretty good. This CGRHD review of Class of Heroes has gameplay footage from Class of Heroes upconverted to HD showing game play in action. Dungeon crawling mayhem on the go! Developed by Acquire and published by Atlus.