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    Santa Monica Church,Goa

    This Church is dedicated to St. Mary. It had a nave and aisles and is joined to the monastery on the southern side. It was blessed on 19th December, 1627 by the Archbishop Frei Dom Sebastiao de S. Pedro who celebrated Pontifical Mass. The church has four altars. The middle altar is dedicated to St. Monica. The two on the Gospel side are dedicated to Jesus and to the crucified saviour, that on the epistle side to the Immaculate Conception. In front of this altar is placed the miraculous Crucifix, which originally stood on the higher choir. The belfry of the church contains three bells, the largest of them is called the bell of holy christ rings the note corresponding to "la" the second "do" and the third to "La".The process, organised by the Bishop Dom Frei Miguel Rangel records the miracles attributed to this crucifix. on the 8th Feb, 1636 many persons together saw the image of Christ crucified opening its eyes many times and its mouth as one who desired to speak. They saw also blood pouring down from the marks and the crown quivering. This vision or supernatural apparition repeated itself on the 12th February in the presence of the Bishop, the viceroy don pedro de silve, aristocrats and a vast multitude of people. the length of the image is 9 palms and half inch.