Ribander Dock, Goa

Ribandar village, nests in bosom of Ribandar Hills, lapped by the Mandovi River and surrounded by Panjim, Chimbel, Kadamba (Ribandar) Hills and Sao Pedru village. Although, administratively and judicially, Ribandar stands alone as a village, and a part of the Panaji Municipal Corporation, the religious jurisdiction has continued to include Chimbel and Sao Pedru in the Ribandar parish.

Ribandar (spelled as R(a)ibandar – to emphasize the word “Rai”) is a very historically rich place. The name Ribandar is a combination of two words “Rai Bandar” meaning “Dock of the Royalties” or King’s Harbour. During the Portuguese regime, Ribandar Ferry Jetty was the dock of the big ships that would cargo the merchandize from Portugal and other places to Goa. The merchandize would be lifted from Ribandar and later transported to Old Goa, which was a very famous center for trade during the Portuguese rule in Goa.

The village was a home to many Portuguese noblemen who found Ribandar a safe haven to establish their somewhat elite faction within the village. The heritage homes on either sides of road still bear a witness to the once-upon a time elite society that made Ribandar their home.