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SUFFERING FROM MIGRAINES FOR 16 YEARS!! My friend heard Dr. Troy on the radio and called me and made me promise I would go visit him at his office. I had been suffering from migraines for 16 years. I was taking 16 to 20 pills a day and had been to many different doctors. The final results were, you will have to live with them forever. I was a living zombie, having migraines several times a week. It was affecting every part of my life. I ended up in the emergency room and was told that I was messing up my liver. I was a mess!! Dr. Troy and the Zenaptic Chiropractic Team at Zenaptic Chiropractic have helped me tremendously! I no longer take ANY medication. I've only had 4 migraines in the last 8 months! Thanks to Dr. Troy, I NOW have LIFE!!

NO MIGRAINES SINCE I have not had Migraines since going to Zenaptic Chiropractic the Doctor and staff are amazing.